Cloud innovation to scale your business

We build web and mobile products to increase productivity, profitability & intelligence in managing healthcare, transportation & ecommerce companies.

Rygel Business Activities

Rygel Fleet Solutions

Streamline transport fleet operations and maximize uptime by tracking vehicle usage, revenue, expenses and maintenance.

Rygel Healthcare Solutions

Clinic and Hospital Information System to streamline healthcare facility operations

Rygel eCommerce Solutions

We build your own branded online store and mobile app so you can reach more online buyers.

Rygel Healthcare Solutions
Rygel Healthcare Solutions

Cloud solution for Doctors, Clinics and Healthcare Providers

Digitize healthcare facility and patient records to improve efficiency of operations, billing and delivery of care.
Rygel Ecommerce Solutions

We Build Your Online Store

We build your online store so customers anywhere can purchase your goods or services and pay via credit / debit card, GCash or cash upon delivery.
Rygel Ecommerce Solutions
Rygel Fleet Solutions Banner
Rygel Fleet Solutions

Cloud Solution for Fleet of Vehicles and Transport Companies

Track real-time service bookings and location of vehicles, monitor revenues and expenses and get alerts for maintenance schedules to improve efficiency, profitability, minimize repairs and maintenance and logistics coordination.
What we do

How we scale your business with technology

Automate your workflows with our product solutions, boost your online presence and let us build your eCommerce shop and advertise via social media, or speak to our IT Consultants on how to unlock new business models or optimize your company's business processes.

Digital Transformation

Digitize your business records and remove manual paper records to speed up record retrieval and updates, improve turnaround time, enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Automate Your Workflows

Eradicate manual processes in your business and automate repetitive tasks to increase customer engagement, generate more sales leads and enhance operations.

Build an eCommerce Store

Reach thousands more customers online, beyond your physical presence and increase sales.

Branding and Social Media

Impress viewers with online branding that fits your target customers, increase trust, engagement and delight your

Data Analytics

Shift your organization to data driven decision making and uncover insights from data managed by your company to improve operations and equipment utilization, reduce material wastage, and enhance overall efficiency of resources.

Technology Consulting

Speak to our engineering experts on how we can fix your organization's pressing problems in software, manufacturing, building maintenance, logistics and transportation.

Smart pricing

Technology Consulting packages for everyone

From basic engineering troubleshooting to business transformation, let us help your organization leverage technology to fix your company's most pressing concerns.

Basic Package

₱ 2,000

per package

Premium Package

₱ 10,000

per package

Pro Plan

Talk to us

for a tailored solution

What clients are saying

We love to delight our customers by helping them transform their business.

“Our team deals with sensitive data and our customers trust us to keep it all secure. That's why we trust Rygel Technology Solutions, because we can't afford any data loss or outage.”

Samantha Jane
Lark Productions
“When we contacted Rygel Technology Solutions we had just been hit with a major security attack. They took immediate action and had our systems back online within hours.”

Jake Warren
GM Studios
“We had worked with other security firms before, but it was clear from the outset that Rygel Technology Solutions is different. The results speak for themselves.”

Kim Smith
Squant Media

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