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Let us streamline your transport fleet operations and maximize uptime by tracking vehicle usage, revenue, expenses and maintenance.

Powerful, yet simple

Everything has been intentionally designed to include the features you want, right where you need them - without being overly complicated.

Real Time Vehicle Location
GPS Location Trackiing

Track Real-Time Vehicle Location

Access all your vehicle and driver location information on a map to improve delivery schedules, route planning and to determine road incidents to avoid.

Fleet Financials

Track Vehicle Revenue and Expenses

Record and manage expenses (such as fuel, repairs and parts) and income to determine growth opportunities and reduce wastage.

Vehicle Expenses and Revenue
Track Vehicle Repairs
Vehicle Maintenance

Track Vehicle Repairs

Track maintenance schedules, fuel usage, ad-hoc repairs to Improve vehicle utilization and optimize fleet availability.

Driver Vehicle Usage

Monitor Driver Behavior

Monitor how your drivers use each vehicle everyday, record downtimes and ensure vehicles are well-maintained to increase effciency and improve return on investment.

Driver Behavior

What customers are saying

We consistently delight our users with simplicity and enhanced usability of our cloud solution to manage their fleet businesses.

“Our users love the comprehensive features and the ability to track fundamental information on drivers and the fleet.”

Tina Jones
“Love how staff can directly book deliveries on behalf of the company and charge to the company account.”

Jake Warren
“Now our business is running as smoothly as ever with our vehicles in top shape and we are more responsive with addressing customer inquiries with real time GPS location.”

Kim Smith

Level up your fleet utilization and increase profits

Let us show you how our cloud solution can improve your fleet operations and profitability.